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i'm so stupid!!!!:(

Feb 10, 2009, 4:01 PM 3

Today I finally realized that my ex (the one i still have feelings for) is just playing with me. he doesn't really care how i feel. I'm like really good friends with his sister and i was waiting with her until she got picked up by Cody (my ex/friend). then we saw them.....my ex was in the car with Cody.(i guess he was getting a ride too.) so...my friend left to get into the car and i just stood there kind of away from them.....i waved to them.....then my ex was motioning for me to "come here".....and i was like "why?" and he was like "just come here." so i went.......i walked all the way up to the car window and then i said "what?" and he was like "nothing. I just wanted you to come here." I was so mad at him. i wanted to slap him.....and i should've. i guess its a good thing though....because it helped me to realize that he's just messing with me and that he'll never change and that he'll never really care. I'm gonna get over him. I want to be the girl that turns around and never looks back.

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