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it just keeps getting easier.....

Mar 2, 2009, 4:26 PM 0

ok....so.....everything has been going smoother. well i went to my ex's basketball game with cody. My ex was pushing me around. he would scare me all the time and he would steal my purse and then steal things like gum out of it. what's worse is that he did all of this in front of Cody! Cody was getting pissed. i could tell. so i asked him what he wanted to do when my ex was doing that cuz i could tell that he wanted to do something. he was like "i wanted to kick his a**!!". anyways....after the game we gave my ex, his sis, and his dad a ride home. my ex called shotgun. so Cody was like " then sarah sits in the middle up front! " so that's when it got super wierd. because i was inbetween both of them. and their arms were both draped behind me over the seat. (like they were sharing me.) then when we got to their house to drop them off their dad got out but everyone else stayed in the car. we blasted the music and we were all singing have a good time. (we were all really hyper.) my ex was all over me! so much that i was practically sitting on cody's lap! my ex was going crazy!!! it was like he wanted ALL my attention! i just went along with it and laughed. Cody didn't like what my ex was doing. they finally left and i gave everyone hugs because all of my ex's family loves me and they wanted hugs.....when my ex saw me giving everyone hugs he turned right around and walked towards me and then was like "can i have a hug too?!" so i gave him a hug....he wouldn't let me go! ....it was super wierd. he also smacked me in the butt but cody didn't see because he was waiting in the car. i smacked my ex and then got into the car. i talked to cody about everything and i cheered him up. :) he took me to McDs and we got hot fudge sundaes. :) yum! :) the next day i found out that after he dropped me off at my house he went back to my ex's house and talked to him about the whole thing. Cody told me that at first my ex was lying. but then they both opened up and confessed everything. my ex told cody that he still had feelings for me. it was just this whole thing again. Cody told me all this at school. i was freaking out and i didn't understand why Cody talked to my ex in the first place. it didn't help anything. but i was so freaked out that i got in a lil fight with my bff. i talked to cody more and it was hard but i told him how i felt. he understood and we are both on the same level now and now i realize that i like him even more. :)

today after school i went with cody to my bff's house.....(we were dropping off her prom pics ) :) they look awesome!! :) anyways after we went over to my ex's because some of our friends were over there. we went and hung out for about 15 min in his back yard. he was trying to get my attention. he was trying to make me give him my hand.... he was like "trust me!" and i was like like " i don't trust you." and he kept asking me. i finally was like "why should i trust you now?!" and i walked away and ignored him. it felt so good to ignore him. then i had to leave. i said bye to everybody and i gave high fives and hugs to everybody too! except for my ex. It felt so good! it was so easy!! it just keeps getting easier and easier!!

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