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not over him....:(

Jan 28, 2009, 2:50 PM 2

 ok...so everything was going ok with my ex's best friend, Cody.... but then it just got awkward because i couldn't open up to him. then i finally took a good look at myself and i realized that i wasn't over my ex. so.....me and cody decided to talk and then everything just came out and turns out cody knew that i had feelings for my ex all along...." I just didn't want to believe it." he said. so then he said that he would "put his feelings aside..." and help me out. that same day he talked to my ex and turns out my ex still has feelings for me too. cody told me that he tried to talk to my ex about getting back together with me.... but my ex was really stubborn... he said that he wanted to get over me and that he didn't want any relationships with any girl right now....he said that he needed to focus on his career and education. :( but i didn't really understand it all.

but anyways.... me and Cody aren't really together.... we're just friends! and he'll be by my side until i get over my ex and then maybe we'll try it again. it's hard though because i'm having so much false hope. i really need to know how to get over somebody with out hating them or avoiding them.......................any ideas?

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