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"friends with emotions" haha :P

Apr 17, 2009, 4:14 PM 3

 ok...so...after a coulple of days he started acting like he was over me. my bff told me that she saw his myspace status and it said "its easier than i thought it would be" that made me really upset...the same day he invited me and my bff and his friend out to lunch like 2 days after we broke up and after he told me that he needed a week to recover...

 so i was kinda upset...and i was being "fake happy" in front of him...

 the next day he wrote me a note telling me to be really "harsh" on him so that he could get over me.....

 he wanted me to tell him (to his face) that i never liked him and that i'm over him)

 i wrote back and said that i would say that if he really wanted me to but that it would be a lie....

 so then we started talking about how we felt and we still have alot of feelings for eachother..

so i guess we're just "friends with emotions" haha :P


yah.....i don't really see myself with anyone else.........is that bad?

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