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he..."let me go"?

Jan 22, 2009, 3:51 PM 1

ok....so that new guy that I thought was so "amazing" isn't so amazing after all....everything was going perfect. and then suddenly BAM! he dumped me, or like he calls it "let me go". so we decided to be friends......but its harder than i thought it would be. because like 2 days later he tells me that his best friend has a giant crush on me. so.....i decided to get to know his best friend better. we went on a couple of dates and then his best friend asked me out and i said "yes....but only if we take it slow" he agreed. so i've been going out with him for less than a week now. anyways... my ex finds out that we kissed for like 2 secs and he flips! i think it is because he's jealous....but its stupid because he's the one that was trying to get me with his best friend in the first place! anyways.....its just a bunch of drama.....and i'm trying to look at the bright side......i'm going to junior prom! :)

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