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worst/best spring break ever

Mar 25, 2009, 3:45 PM 0

ok so...for spring break i went to las vegas with my family....it was ok but we did all the fun stuff in about 2 days.....the rest of the time i just lounged by the swimming pool with my sis and tanned and flirted with cute lifegaurds. :P it was fun....but it got really suckish when i got an allergic reaction to something. it was either the smoke in the casinos (i have asthma) or the chlorine/salty pool. idk which one it was but it made half of my face puff up. so the rest of the time in las vegas i didn't wanna go anywhere or do anything. so it really sucked. and i kinda got really homesick too! it was weird cause i have never been homesick before. Lol. :P anyways...when i came back home my face was back to normal and i was so happy to be home. i got all unpacked and the 1st thing i did was call cody. :P so we got to hang out and it was the best! we had the best time we went and watched a movie in his r.v. :P it was great. :P and we hung out the next day too! any ways it made my spring break a whole lot better. :P   and i rated my spring break before a 3. but after i hung out with cody it got boosted up to a 7:P lol.

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