Is it easier comparitively easier to beat a 2000r or computer 4?  i feel it is 2000r with as little experience i do posess Having watched many 2000rs play computer 4 i find them so perfect beating it and mind you so frequently and these same very people losing games as would any normal 1600 would with mistakes similar 


  • 4 years ago


    nothing in personal but to beat a bot consistently requires precision in every move one makes Ifind it strange that a person who makes it(normally a 2000r) makes innocous mistakes against a fellow 2000r As for a 2000r beating me i have said it with as little experience at my disposal so i cant be as well certain abt it

  • 4 years ago


    In effect, you are saying that it is easier for a 2000r to beat computer 4, than it is for them to beat you. Possibly computer 4 is more consistently predictable, and does not have the capacity to recognise when a long combination can be applied. You beat me in a 10 minute game by creating a jam and then playing for a draw by moving back and forth. As a gentleman, this being social chess, I broke out of this with an imperfect move, but you recreated the back-and-forth situation each time, and I finally lost on time.

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