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Eskilerden Bir Maç / A Game from Past

Jan 11, 2015, 2:57 AM 0

Azerbaycan'da kursa gittiğim zamandan kalma bir maç. 10 yaşındaykan oynamıştık, haliyle ortalama oyuncu sayılırdım (şimdi belki de daha kötüyüm) Paylaşmak istedim, yorumlarınıza açığım.

For English readers:

This is a game from Azerbaijan when I took a chess course. I was 10 years old, therefore I was an average player (maybe I am worse now). Anyway, I wanted to share it. I'm waiting for your comments.

Game Notes: 4.Nc3? (White's first mistake. The right move should be Ng5) ... 10.Qg5 Be7? (Black's first mistake. The right move should be Qxg5) ... 18.Re1?? (White's mistake that determines the result of the game. He loses his Queen for a Knight.)

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