Playing Ray Robson 7

Nov 28, 2010, 7:44 PM |

This Tuesday we'll gather again at Big E's and I'll guess that their will be little to no conversation about the Robson event.  But for the last 8 or so weeks most of the time at Big E's was spent preparing for GM Robson.  

I expect that Chess Night at Big E's is good for their business as the cafe/restaurant caters to what seems to be a predominantly college student clientele.  I doubt that any of the chess players would patronize the place without Greg High's lectures and most of the players do buy food or drink.

I've learned to dress down a bit because, we'll, the place is kind of greasy. Or rather, the air is.  After 90 mins my clothing, and I'm sure the rest of me, reeks of french fries.   And I don't mean just a little. But a whole bunch.  I've developed the habit of driving home with my car windows and sun roof opened as a way to air out a bit so that I don't gross my wife out when I get home.  Then  I undress in the garage and leave my clothing there, before heading directly to the shower, because whatever room I leave the clothes in will very quickly fume of french fries.

The Tuesday before the simul I left the clothing worn to Big E's on the floor of the garage and then went back an hour later to put something in the recycle bin.  I found 3 roaches gathered around my clothes - and I never see roaches in my garage.  I now put all clothing worn to Big E's in a plastic bag.  It took more than just opening line study to prepare to play GM Ray Robson.