Playing Ray Robson 2

Nov 19, 2010, 5:58 AM |

On Sep 9 the Sarasota Herald Tribune newspaper ran an article about Ray Robson, who is a Clearwater, FL resident.  The excellent article caught the eye of my friend and neighbor Bob, who is also the defacto champion and coordinator of a lot of local chess activity - and the person who introduced me to

Bob, a retired high level public servant, had been mulling an idea to hold a local chess event (organizing local events is what a lot of the smart, energetic, younger FL retirees do) and Bob wondered in an email to his chess mailing list whether the article created an opportunity to bring a high profile chess event to the Sarasota/Venice corridor.   Our community is, after all, known for the arts and other heady activities in addition to beaches, weather and hot summers.

Immediately sensing an opportunity I enthusiastically responded to Bob's great idea and asked him to sign me up for the exhibition, even before it eventuated.  I don't think I was the only one to sense this as later when the sign-up sheet circulated to fill in a few remaining spots, another player appeared as #1.  I got slot #2. Bob was #3.