Do you like to "talk trash" while chatting during a game

Jul 18, 2010, 3:33 AM |

Second move and the chat box says: "Go!"

Third move: "Terrible player"

Do you like to be bullied in this way? I don't, so I closed the chat. After the game, which I lost, I received this message: "Haha, you little bitch."

Well, that made me angry and so I replied saying that such offensive behaviour is childlish and against the rules. But the other party didn't agree: "I like to talk trash in online games dude there is no need to close the chat and get pissed off."

Do you agree? I personally don't - to me this is obviously a reason why some people permanently disable chat during their games.

I suggest that people who like to "talk trash" have an asterix added to their name implying that they like to do so. (Although "talk trash" is not the most accurate of descriptions in this case. A more precise one would be "bully", or "offend".) Thus they could recognize each other and enjoy mutual company. On the other hand, that would spoil the joy of suprising the other player, wouldn't it?

Have you got any experience with this sort of "mind game"? Do you like to get an advantage in this way over the other player by making them angry or disconcerted? Do you think it is sportsmanlike? What do you think?