Facing the Danish gambit

Sep 24, 2010, 2:51 PM |

The Danish gambit (1. e4, e5, 2. d4) is one of the most aggresive openings in chess and any time I face it I get a shiver down my spine - yes, I am afraid. White offers up two pawns but in this way gets ready for some pretty dangerous lines while black is virtually undeveloped. As I slowly elbow my way through chess theory I got to study some of the theory related to the Danish gambit as well and was able to use it successfully in a real game that I'm going to present here.

As I looked at the history of the games of my opponent he uses Danish gambit whenever he can and so I am to believe that my success in this game is not wholly attributable to the white player simply blowing the game.


It seems that any time white playes the Danish, black will have to put up with defending for a while - but still it is a gambit and so black gains a pawn (or two - but i wouldn't do that) for free. The good thing about the gambit is that the play can hardly be boring since the fireworks start at the very beginning.

I'll be interested in any comments from you regarding the theory of the aforementioned gambit or the game itself - i have no tactical assistant so there may be flaws in the game that I didn't see.