Games from this weekend's chess club

Oct 27, 2012, 5:20 PM |

tl;dr: 3 wins, 1 loss, lots of blunders.

[Edit: In the games, I'm playing the side that's on the bottom of the board.  That means Black for games 1 and 4, White for games 2 and 3.]

I went to chess club again this afternoon and had a blast again.  I played 4 games and won 3 (with some help from my opponents).  I made it a point to write down my moves this week, so I can share with you how I actually played.  I'm going to add some comments to the PGN files, but this is in no way an analysis of my games.  I might do that this week and if there's anything interesting to report, I'll blog about it.

The first game I played was against the opponent I played last week that I felt I played really well.  Our game was much closer this week, and he lost on time while I only had 14 seconds left on my clock.


The second game was against a young kid, about 10-11 years old.  He seemed more interested in his iPod Touch than in playing, and he made many big blunders.

Third game was my only loss of the day.  Things started well, then things went really well for me, and then I made a tactical blunder and lost on time.


My last game went pretty well, although I blundered in that one also.  I managed to get a pretty nice staircase checkmate in the end.