One month of chess

Aug 7, 2012, 7:01 AM |

About a month ago, I got interested in chess, and decided to go on a one-year plan to improve and appreciate the game more.  After one month, I'm pleased to report that my motivation is still very high!  Here's what I've done this month:

* Read Bobby Fischer's books on tactics

* Read Yasser Seirawan's "Play Winning Chess"

* Currently going through Yasser Seirawan's "Winning Chess Tactics"

* Did a lot of tactics problems on, then switched to

* I went to see some games at the Quebec Chess Open

As for games, I've mostly played on, but not that many games (too many at once would be confusing).  Unfortunately, I still fall prey to easy-to-avoid tactics, so I've lost more than I've won.  I also tried to analyze my own games without and with a chess engine.  So far, it looks that one of my main weakness is that I still don't understand what's going on on the board and that I fail to follow through with my own plans and instead play reactionary chess.

I'm hoping to join a local chess club in Montreal in September, where I'll hopefully start gaining more experience and develop as a player.  Until then, I'll do my best to try and improve, but it's just as difficult as I imagined it would be.  Good thing that I'm still having fun, then!