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Playing a 2000+ rated player

Playing a 2000+ rated player

Jan 8, 2011, 5:37 AM 2

Hey fellow chess fans!

So today, I was playing some regular bullet games, when I met a completely outstanding player named jigaar, an Indian (who had played more than 15.000 games on chess.com!). He was rated 2000+ while I was rated 1805. We played at least seven games, of which he won the most. However, I were able to win some games, and I would like to share the following with you!


So, a win against a 2000+ rated player is really a great achievement I think. One learns a lot by playing opponents rated just 100-200 ELO points above themselves. Even by looking at higher rated players play one can learn a lot. Although of course one must still understand the moves played, and not just look at dazzling Super-GM tactics without understanding anything. 

So, looking at players rated 100 to 200 ELO points above you will help you a lot in improving.

All comments and feedback appreciated! :)

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