Anand-Topalov game 6

May 21, 2010, 8:23 AM |

After 5 rounds of the World Championship match, Viswanathan Anand was leading 3-2. It was a great recovery from the World Champion in his defence of the title. After his crushing loss in game 1, Anand won his next two games as White, and draw the ones as Black to leave challenger Veselin Topalov with a tough task. Topalov had to avoid a loss in game 6, as it will leave him with a hard task. Another question was whether Topalov will let Anand play the Catalan, with which Anand won twice:

Game 6 was a hard-fought draw. The Catalan was played by Anand, but Topalov was able to hold, and get to an equal ending. During the game, Anand played a unique sequence of thirteen consecutive knight moves! At the halfway stage, Anand now led the match 3.5-2.5