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The Chess Learning Process

Jun 10, 2011, 9:40 AM 2


The Chess Learning Process

The Chess Learning Process

Chess is a complex game that demands a high level of concentration, and patients to be successful at it. You can never really master the game to its full potential because after the first two moves the game is almost infinite. In the last couple of years I have set off to make my self a master player, I have played chess since I was 9 but I never really made any progress to this year until I read Josh Waitzkin book The Art of Learning. It opened my eyes to something I had never liked doing, and a lot of amateurs player don’t like doing, and that is studying the game. A lot of players just play but never put in the hours of deliberate practices to be a master. We see masters play, and we say well the reason why he/she is so good is because he can see 20 moves ahead, and has a memory like a computer in which master players do have great memory’s, its not because they are born with a super brain but because of 10,000 hours of deliberate practices. Chess master learn by chunking positions into patterns that is turning random letters into words just like you learn your ABC's. When you was a baby, and from their you learn how to read that is the same way a chess master learns to play any position on the board, if you like skateboarding like me, and have skated then you must know that the kool moves you see Tony Hawk, and many others doing takes a whole lot of HARD PRACTICE to master. When it took me more then a 100 attempts just to do one kick flip, and just because I did one kick flip does not mean I have mastered it so why could I do 100 kick flip, and only land 1 but I don’t like to practice my chess game well I know why at least to me, read a chess book when you are a beginner like I was 9 years ago with no coach are anyone else that likes to play and wanted to be a great player like me it is very hard to do! if you start reading a book that’s to advance you will not play chess very long because you will be confused by advance material you must learn the basic of the game first then you must repeat everything you have learned over and over an till you get it down then you need to find a player who is more stronger then you and is also trying to  better his game, you got to be motivated you have to really love the game if you want to go far in your chess career, but the main thing is you got to have fun skateboarding is fun! and that is why i  can practices so hard chess has to be fun and that's why i like the Internet you can have fun while you learn to play better chess.
If you cannot afford a coach that is, OK you really do not need a coach an to you are pass the expert level the many problem that newbies and players under 2000 Elo is tactics and hanging pieces you dot need to know how to do a 360 kickflip if you do not know how to do a basic kickflip.





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