Jazz Mags

Apr 28, 2008, 4:50 AM |

Jazz mag

Taking advantage of the nice weather, a friend and I went camping on Saturday. It was all thoroughly pleasant with a good camp fire, an amusing incident where my friend hit himself in the head with a stick, fireside chess and a bit of a walk in the country side.

It was while we were walking that we came across every teen aged boy’s dream scattered along a stretch of road. Blue gold! Or found roadside porn as it is otherwise known. Had we been 13 we would have collected it up and carefully divvied our find up and been looking forward to a day of wrist on the Sunday. Being adults though, we were mature enough to walk on by. Only after taking amusing photos of us and the porn obviously.

I am surprised that jazz mags have any sort of market nowadays. Apart from being free, by using the internet you avoid the potential embarrassment of taking your hastily selected porn up to the counter and paying the clearly disapproving lady behind the counter, whilst the teenagers who have just come in to the shop giggle at your purchase... I imagine.

Whatever the reasons for their continued popularity, it is good to know excited teenage boys will still be finding discarded grumble mags in bushes and railway sidings and the like for at least a few years yet.