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testicle game

Apr 8, 2008, 3:47 AM 3
testicle game

A few weeks back a friend and i came up with a very enjoyable new game and it is called the testicle game. It is probably not as good as chess, but it is definitely funnier than chess.

In order to play the game, all you need are two people with testicles and a reasonably hard ball - a cricket ball or baseball will do nicely. (You will also need to be able to trust your opponent if there are no spectators.) You and your opponent then stand 5 or 6 feet apart facing each other. One person starts holding the ball (you can decide who starts using whatever system you prefer), while the other person closes their eyes, puts their hands behind their back and pushes their crotch forward. The person with the ball then takes as long as they like to gently lob the ball at their opponent's testicles. The contestants take it in turns throwing the ball until someone catches one flush in the balls and drops. The last one standing is the winner.

It is a simple and very enjoyable game. As you stand there with your eyes closed waiting to possibly get hit in the testicles, not knowing when it is coming, the scared anticipation is something special. I would advise you to try it at least once just for that. If the ball hits anywhere other than in the testicles it doesn't hurt at all. The real joy comes in the direct hit which will invariably drop a man. Everybody enjoys seeing a man get hit in the groin with a ball (making it an enjoyable spectator sport as well) but seeing a ball you have thrown arcing perfectly in to your opponents pods and then watching them crumple to the ground cradling their crotch is both highly amusing and satisfying.

Get involved and give it a go...

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