Team Match Championship League - Gorlap's Division System Proposal

Oct 5, 2015, 2:25 AM |

Proposed system provides simple rules and easy management of TMCL as a system of Round Robin tournaments.  

System is dynamic and challenging and enables reasonable possibilities for advancing of all teams, especially for new teams who started form lower level (D) and enable to reach top division in just 3 years.

System has 3 main pillars:

P1: Levels - defined by minimum players required per each team match

P2: Divisions - defined by number of teams in competition - (number of divisions per level and teams per divisions)

P3: Promotion/relegation - number of relegated and promoted teams depends of the current status of P1 and P2

System can be easily adjusted before each season and adapted to fit current situation with new entries and exits of teams.

Here is one example of the system in which I used current TMCL’s quotas for minimum number of players per match and maximum of 10 teams per division which is the maximum that allows finishing season in one year.

Gorlap’s Division System Proposal - Example

Level 1: Division A, minimum 60 players per team

Maximum number of teams 10, 4 last relegated (option: 3 teams relegated)

Level 2: Divisions B1 and B2, minimum 30 players per team

Maximum number of teams 2*10=20, 2*2=4 first promoted to level 1, 2*4=8 last relegated to Level 3;  (option: 3 promoted -2 winners of divisions B1 and B2 plus runner up with better tier criteria - tier criteria can be -a. win/loss ratio in division, -b. total number of participating players in all matches)

Level 3: Divisions C1, C2, C3 and C4, minimum 15 players per team

Maximum number of teams 4*10=40, 4div*2=8 first promoted to level 2, 4*4=16 last relegated to Level 4

Level 4: Divisions D1 to D8, minimum 7 players per team

Maximum number of teams 8*10=80, 8div*2=16 first promoted to level 3

This system can accept maximum of 150 teams before introducing Level 5.

System is also very challenging because each team must fight almost to the end of the season - 2nd place lead to promotion and 7th place to relegation and almost all teams will be in constant situation to fight for promotion or to secure survival in same level.

Linear systems without multi divisions on levels (Divisions: A,B,C,D,E,F,G.....) will put teams in situation to need so many years to advance to higher divisions and that will kill any motivation...

Finnaly, I just give an exapmle, and I am sure that TMCL admins have enough expiriences and best knowledge of the participating teams and that they can set right system parameters for the next season:

1. minimum players per each match for all levels

2. number of divisions per level and numebr of temas in each division

3. number of promoted and relegated teams in each level

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PS: Full consulatation process about TMCL division system is here: