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"Abandoned" Games: Are they abandoned?

Jun 3, 2014, 5:56 PM 0

Not too long ago, just today actually, I was playing my best Chess.  My rating was 1380, (my highest ever is 1390), and I was getting close to perhaps raising it even higher.  Now, just a few hours later, my rating is 1358.  Why?  I was playing this game and lost because of an internet connection problem.  After that, still frustrated about the loss, I played another game against a player rated 1200.  I blundered in that game, and eventually resigned.  I understand that it's frustrating when a player intentionally leaves the game instead of resigning.  But I think it's even more frustrating to lose a game because of an "abandoned game" timer.  I have probably lost 10-20 games, (granted many of them were blitz or bullet games), simply because I couldn't reconnect before the "abandoned game" timer goes off.  As a matter of fact, I don't even play bullet anymore, because I got too frustrated with these "abandoned game" losses.  In all of these games that I "abandoned", there was only one time when I ever intentionally abandoned a game.  I don't like complaining, and I feel that this is a good web site to play Chess, but the "abandoned game" feature, to say the least, frustrates me.

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