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Jan 15, 2009, 1:49 PM 2

Much of our waking time is devoted to having engagements with people of all kinds except with the one person who matter to us most -- ourselves. We take great pride in our capacity for understanding others, forgiving their faults, listening to their tales, no matter how trivial and sympathizing with their plights. We go our way to renew our ties with long-lost kins and plas, while trying to establish new ones. We show genuine concern in our love one's lives and readily emerge ourselves in their joys and frustrations, in their hopes and plans for the future. We cheer them up when they are down in defeats and reversals and rejoice in their moments of glory. In short, we can be the total Samaritan to others, but we beat a hasty, complete turn-around when the other person at the other end in oneself. Let us remember that everyone to us could disappear but there's one person you can't escape from - you. Understand it, accept it and take great joy in the fact - you've got you! Make an appointment with yourself now. All other enagements can wait. 

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