Learning from my MISTAKES...Again

Sep 22, 2010, 7:06 AM |

Chess is so completely frustrating. Those of you who do not say so are either really good, or just lying. Once again, playing over the board games I find myself just not putting together a complete game. However, like a good little chess amateur I will replay through my games from end to start looking for where I went wrong. 

Here is a chess game I played last night. Embarrassing as it is. Read my comment on the sixth move for my insight into my mistake and the lesson learned. 


This game eventually ends up with me dominating most of the game with superior development. I launch and attack on the opponents king, and am almost successful. Unfortunately, my attack was launched to soon. I should have taken care of the basics first, namely castling and getting my rooks into play. I think if I would have had a rook on the open e row (after the pending pawn exchange), then my attack would have been unstoppable. I cannot post the rest of this game because, my Android app lost the moves for some reason. Not that anyone really cares, but it is fun to pretend that you do!
Bottom line here is that I need to complete development before I start my attack.