The quest - 1000 to 2000

Sep 20, 2010, 2:14 PM |

I am not asking for a lot. I don't need to be the best, or even close to the best. I just want to be good at chess, and perhaps along the way become a better person. So my current FIDE rating will one day change and when it does I am sure it will be somewhere around 1000. I am probably a little better then that, but in reality when sitting over the board in a stress situation, I have to take a few hundred points off. 

So that is my basic goal, actually, objective. If I were to set a goal, it would be the best ever at chess, but, chess is a part of my life plan and not the only part. Therefore one of my life's objectives is to be "good" at chess. So if I can play in a tournament and be competitive now and then, good enough for me. Perhaps when I am in a tournament and I lose, then I will change my objective, but for now having an IM, FM, GM next to my name is not necessary. Just to be called "good" is acceptable for now. 

So in a phrase, the quest:

"To become good at chess, and along the way learn how to be a better person"