Chess Openings On-Demand: Smith Morra Gambit Style

Jan 29, 2008, 4:27 PM |

What's the game plan for White?

* Mind the vulnerable f7 square through
6 Bc4.
* Place the rooks on the open c-file and
half open d-file in order to pose develop-
mental problems for the Black Queen.
* Utilize the Nc3-d5/b5 maneuver to
attack Black's position.
* Where possible, aim for a timely e4-e5

What's the game plan for Black?

Accept the gambit and consolidate the
position as follows:

* Cover e5 via 5 ... d6.
* Limit the c4 bishop's scope through
6 ... e6.
* Advance 9 ... e5 so as to prevent e4-e5.

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