Aug 15, 2009, 1:57 PM |

I was reading a story and in it, the character was reminiscing about a summer when he was a child and in summer camp.

I put down the book and starting thinking about summers when I was young. I can still feel the heat of my summers and the coolness in the shade of the trees in my backyard. I remember climbing those trees and sitting up in the branches. I remember the coolness of the wooden floors on my barefeet when I came in the house.

I never went to summer camp but since my mother worked, she would send me to the summer recreation program in my grammar school. It was only for a few hours a day. It was always hot and stuffy in there, never cool like my backyard.

I can't recall how or when I learned the game of chess but I already knew how to play when I was in summer recreation and as usual I thought I was hot stuff. We had a chess competition in my summer recreation program and I did quite well. But thinking back on it just now , I smiled because even though it was many years ago , I remembered the strategy that worked so well for me then.

The idea was to open by moving your rook pawns, getting your rooks out and on the same file and using them to clobber your opponent to smithereens.

Unfortunately, the strategy at the time seemed brilliant and my success there in summer recreation made my eventual fall, when playing someone a little more sophisticated ,that much harder to accept.

I have learned a few things since then and the game has become a lot more complicated and ,sometimes, I believe, I take it too seriously.

But it was fun diversion those many years ago and I know I smiled then as I do now when I think of it.