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ISIS jihadists are committing a holocaust in Iraq

ISIS jihadists are committing a holocaust in Iraq

Aug 12, 2014, 4:45 AM 15

Murdererous zealots calling themselves "Islamic State of Iraq and ash-Sham" (ISIS), are determined to establish a caliphate on a large area of Middle East and beyond, carrying out ethnic cleansing on a massive scale in the north of Iraq, driving out and massacring tens of thousands of defenceless Christian and Yezidi civilians.
ISIS has no respect for the cultural and spiritual heritage of humanity, as they plainly showed some weeks ago, destroying the Mosque of Jonas, a symbol of the ancient city of Mossul, a monument of inestimable value, a revered place of worship for both Christians and Muslim, and a popular destination for religious pilgrims the world over. In a nutshell a place of interreligious sacredness .. yet blasphemous apostasy in the warped minds of fanatical ISIS militants!
By brutally slaughtering defenceless inhabitants and systematically beheading women and children the obscenities of these savages have gone far beyond the pale. Behind a mask of twisted religious dogma, this frenzied rabble has betrayed its demonic nature by these cowardly horrendous acts.
The International Community cannot be indifferent to what's happening: These madmen must be stopped, and be made answerable to the whole of mankind for the unspeakable atrocities they have committed.

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