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First Blog Posting

First Blog Posting

Dec 9, 2007, 3:01 PM 0

I am new to chess.  I prefer for now to play unrated games.  I feel chess is good practice in thinking 2 or more steps ahead and this can be applied to the "big picture".


Of course, it is hard to apply to the big picture in "real time".  Sometimes we don't have more than an instant to make a snap decision and it would have been better to take a deep breath and wait 30 seconds before committing to a decision.  Once made, some actions can't be taken back and have severe consequences.  Even if nobody gets hurt, there is still moral principle.  "I didn't think throwing that rock" for example, when an old lady gets clocked in the head and dies within 2 weeks from a subdural hematoma.  It COULD happen.  People like to say "oh it's fate" or "life sucks", but really that is a way to disassociate from the responsibility of actions taken and/or decisions made.  I guess now that I have kids I am questioning my principles a little more.

Tuesday May 27 2008

    Life is good.  Chess is good.  Logically, this means Life is Chess.  Keep in mind the skill of thinking a few steps ahead, benefit you it will young Jedi.  Of course, I play a few people here who think so far ahead I wonder if their brain has an "Intel Inside" logo lol.  My brain has a bar code...when you scan it, I'm $2.99 a pound for coconuts. 

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