Getting closer to winning

Apr 13, 2008, 10:41 PM |

I'm always saying to myself "you have to learn to think ahead".  This game is a prime example.  I did see the option of taking the queen with mine but for some reason thought he'd be able to move out of check from my bishop discovered check.  Thought he'd take my queen with his knight anyway.  If anyone knows how to make the PGN option work when you click the little chess board icon please let me know.  I tried the third option to use PGN and it kept giving me invalid file name.  Anyhow, here's the game:

1. e4 g6
2. Bc4 d5
3. Bxd5 e6
4. Bc4 Nc6
5. Qf3 Qd4
6. d3 Bb4+
7. Nc3 f5
8. exf5 Qe5+
9. Be3 Nh6
10. Bxe6 Bxe6
11. fxe6 Nf5
12. a3 Nh4
13. Qd5 Nxg2+
14. Qxg2 Nd4
15. Kd2 Be7
16. Nf3 Qc5
17. Nxd4 Bh4
18. Bh6 Rf8
19. Bxf8 O-O-O
20. Bxc5 b6
21. Qa8#  



 Played 3 games on "hard" against little chess beater for kicks - first game humbled me properly, second game humiliated me 10 moves in (basic error allowed queen attack on my knight, bishop, and castle kingside), and third game....I WON...I never win when I am mapping out the moves to take notes lol :)

Anyway, it says "depth 0 time 0 nodes 0  score 10,000" at the top of the screen; any ideas on what this means?  

And oh, I'm disappointed it doesn't let me use copy/paste to put the screen in so I can share my rare wins with my friends...

and the graphic "create a board" won't let me put my queen just to the left of the black king.  But that's where it was for the checkmate I got here.  I basically ignored his attack on my kingside and threw him off with a knight sacrifice by going to b6 which he took with his knight, opening up his kingside.  I really needed to feel good about myself, didn't get a lot of sleep today and I'm sick - so I don't mind tooting my own horn now! LOL