Welcome New Players

Feb 8, 2008, 2:04 AM |

Hello to all new players!

     If you are completely or relatively new to chess feel free to play against me.  We can teach each other as we go.  I am looking for people that will stick with me and progressively improve their game as they go, and I feel with practice mine will improve as well.

     Experienced players - I am a little scared of you because I have only been studying/playing chess for 4 months.  If you want to help that's fine, but don't play me just to humble me.  I know I suck at chess compared to you.

       Any tips clues comments or questions I will try to answer as quickly as possible for new players.  I suggest clicking as many links in the site as possible, as there is a lot of great stuff to play around with.  The trainer is awesome (even if limited on how long you can use it), the blogs are great for getting your ideas out "at the speed of thought" (ok, half jokingly there), and love the way you can save your games and the moves you make.  I will play my friend and then copy/paste my moves onto notepad for future reference.

     Drop me a line, anyone, anytime!  Just be polite please :)