questions for my king

Sep 1, 2009, 3:33 PM |

dear yer highness sir,

i am slightly concerned about the conduct of the battle so far.  if you will please allow me to ask a few questions i am sure i will be able to see the wisdom in your plan and feel comfortable with the future.  i see you losing some pawns in the center, were they important?  i thought we needed those for control of space, but maybe im wrong.  the calvary hanging out on the flank there looks kinda impotent, i was thinking they should be more over this way where the enemies wife is passin out dirty looks.  i think she is planning on getting married because she brought two preachers with her.  i guess my king needs a new wife since his disappeared. 

thats all i can write for now.  someone is knocking on the castle door, and i gotta go investigate the new tower that sprung up over to the west.

i look forward to hearing from you, its been a tough war.