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Apr 5, 2013, 1:30 AM 8

This is my first tournament game whether it may be offical or unoffical tournmanet moreover it is my first FIDE rated tournament too. One side I felt happy because of playing a Internationally recognised tournament. On the other side I felt nervous too.

Until I saw the paring i was praying that i should get unrated player but I got a player who has the FIDE rating of 1499. At that moment itself fear gets me. During the game I made many mistakes like not pressing the clock, writing the moves in wrong order and taking time to write the coordinates. My opponent looks at me like an idiot. These mistakes were continued throughout this tournament.

During this course of tournament I made few friends which includes my opponents too :) They said that FIDE rated tournament will be very difficult for inexperienced players and the players playing here are trained very well so they suggests me to attend local tournaments to get praticed to face the defeats. 
This tournament was mostly dominated by kids and teens. I felt very bad when those players look at me very cheap when i say i am unrated player and I struck on clock or scoresheet. But overall I learned many things and realized my mistakes at board & out of board like managing the clock, scoresheet and cycological state of mind. I just thought to share this experience with you all hence i posted this game in my blog.
The game is annoted by me. I welcome your valuable suggestions to improve my game and comments about the game and my annotation.  :) :) 

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