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Groups and Teams

Jun 23, 2009, 9:25 PM 5

I have written this article to prompt you about some errors in the way that groups and teams work. My first point is about super admins. If they upgrade another person to super admin both people can easily betray each other and make them a normal member (then ban them). Chess.com should make a system that the original creator of the team cannot be downgraded by random people. My next point is that normal members cannot invite other people. I think that this is not neccesary because it is not a big deal and anyone can just join anyway. My final point is that some people randomly join teams without giving a level of responsibility. This is very annoying for dedicated members of teams who would like for people to join teams matches or vote chess games etc. This problem can be fixed by when an admin scrolls through the member list, a number or somehting appears next to his/her name about how many team matches they have played. This would work sort of like member points. I am not saying this to be picky, but I think chess.com should be the best it can be by fixing these and other issues.

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