ChessAnalyse 2.6 released

ChessAnalyse 2.6 released

| 22

available in the downloads: 
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Lots of new features could be added (including your valuable suggestions):
- analysis tracking can be switched on and off
- engine results are permanently updated during analysis
- games/files can be removed from the game section
- engine log file can be created, showing engine input and output
- move is visualized on chess board and on score chart
- enhanced calculation of actual move's score from best next move score
- analysis of actual move is optional (formerly always)
- optional analysis of next move (of open games)
- permanent display of number of checked moves/games
- new filter parameter for moves: Min. non book moves per game
- analysis report in pgn format. Shows summarized tables for top n match analysis.
- Rybka's multipv bug catched.

older versions no longer available

Please report any problems, bugs, etc.