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chess saturation

Feb 7, 2011, 7:51 AM 1

So my wife has been feeling that I'm playing too much chess lately.  I can't say I blame her, she feels a tad bit neglected, and of course jealous because I had school canceled for 4 days and yet she still had to work.  Anyhow, I've decided not to start any new games until I get caught up with all my school work.  This means making a notebook for Dr. McCoy to look at for 10 minutes every Sunday containing the important formulas/ trig Identities used.  Also I need to come see him on T/R days to get some help so he knows that I'm trying.  Otherwize I can just continue being lazy and do badly.  I think also doing example problems before attempting the homework would be wize.  Anyhow, my new goals are set forth outside of chess now for chess.  My new goal is to submit one move per day for a while until I get back into the swing of school.  I need to show more interest in my classes and get out of the chess adiction although it has shown progress in my ratings.  Practice tactics for a half hour ever night before you do your howework if necessary, but more likely after you try to do some homework.  2 hours of homework every night and I bet you will be doing much better!

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