Use your advantage: THE List! (1)

Use your advantage: THE List! (1)

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The Material Advantage is the ultimate advantage you can have during the chess battle, and the most important one in order to reach your goal: Kill your enemys king!

It's good to have more or bigger chessmen than your opponent, but this situation will appear only if one of the players (hopefully not us  ) blunders.

Otherwise both armies have to fight and gain other advantages and try to convert them into the ONE.

There are two types of advantages in chess, depending on their volatility:

Static (Long Term) Advantages: Pawn Structure, Passed Pawn, Weak Squares, Control over a space (File/Rank/Diagonal/Point), Bishop Pair.

Dynamic (Short Term) Advantages: Development, Initiative, Kings Safety, Extra Tempo, More Space, Bad placement of a piece, Local Superiority of Resources, Lack of Collaboration between enemys troops.

All this kinds of advantages must be converted at some point in the most perenial  advantage: Material Advantage.

During your games you have to be aware of this situations (moments when you poses one of this advantages) and plan your fight accordingly.

During the series "Use your advantage" I will address periodically one thi advantages and offer you an example from our great predecessors, as Garry Lasparov coined the expression.