My Games #2: Our Unprotected Pieces, + How I Analyse

Mar 8, 2015, 3:15 PM |

For my level and below, I think this method of analysis could help you.

After the game, try to understand important moments without the asistance from a people or of a chess engine. If your opponent or teacher is not a master, take seriously only computer help.

Go down the comp lines until you get the main idea. For example if you are using Chessbase, remove rest of the variation, cut out unnecessary parts. Take notes of crucial points. For example in my game, if my opponent knew K+R perpetual pattern, he could have drawn the game. Not only tactical notes, also strategic notes: for example "Always look for an active move!" And repeat.

Do not waste your time studying a game in which you blundered a piece because lack of concentration. Study the games only which you have been focused to find good moves.

I am recently trying analysing super GM games with Stockfish 6 and comprehend the ideas behind top moves of these top GMs. Nothing to be ashamed of, I'm sharing them on my blog. I'm not claiming they are annotated perfectly. I am new on this kind of stuff. But these analyses are definetly product of hardwork. Discovering super GM's ideas are definetly helpful for longer time control games.  

Here is my game against a 1625 rated player:

Check out my blog for analyses of Vassily Ivanchuk games from Vladimir Petrov Memorial 2015.