Stop the annoying complaint things

FM hanqi
Oct 31, 2017, 1:47 PM |

Dear community,
As one of the most visible members of this site, I feel that it is my responsibility to inform everyone of the recent questionable behavior I have witnessed in JunyJunebug, a person whom I had previously held in high esteem. As of late, Bobbybobbob has demonstrated a completely unprovoked and unjustified dislike toward Joseph_Truelson, and has been particularly vocal in making his objections heard. He has posted messages on this site defaming Joseph_Truelson, at times making quite serious allegations, and as a friend of Joseph_Truelson’s  I feel obligated to come out in defense of him against such unwarranted attacks. In notifying the public of the situation, I am letting everyone know that any posts that Bobbybobbob has made about Joseph_Truelson are false; in addition, I hope that the censure of the community at large in response to Joseph_Truelson’s actions will pressure Bobbybobbob to change his ways, and return to being a respectful member of this community.
Hanqi (BURP Attacker)