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A Fight till the END

A Fight till the END

Sep 12, 2012, 6:38 AM 4

This is my first post on chess.com.I was a bit excited to share u some of the games i played here simulatneously on chess.com.A few days ago i played 3 simultaneous match here and its quite a bit exciting but at the end of the match quite a bit tired too.All of the games were live chess and time controls of 15|10.Its not a long time but not short either.I won 2 games but lost 1,but learned many things which i think we cannot learn from a single game.In simul u have to focus on every game and the tactics and positional play is slightly decreased as you are playing against variety of opponents and even a very low rated player can surprize u sometimes.

This happened to me last time when i played and it was an exciting game and i managed to win at last.But we both did mistake and although i was on the merge of loose but i don't know how i managed to win that game at the end.Anyways enjoy the game.

And once Bobby Fischer said:

"Chess is not a game of tactics and positional play only,its a game of nerves, which will draw the line between victory and defeat".

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