Transposition Thursday - 2

Apr 2, 2014, 10:37 AM |
A complex position as the name suggests is one which involves huge calculations and many possibilities. It is better to take this position and transpose it to a much simplified position wherein you are comfortable with the position.
Here is a position, the endgame wherein I played white and currently I am worse. 


White's weaknesses: Rook on e3 pinned, and attacked by black rook on a3. Queen and King tied to defense of the rook. 
White's Idea ?  Black just played Kh7 (to my luck, my queen has a checking square, Qc2)
So mu idea here would be to get the queens off the boards and hopefully I can play the rook pawn end game with the extra pawn for a win.
So, here is what happened. And The position resulted in a simple rook pawn end game.
New position, give it a try
This last position is from a recent game, played in the Candidates tournament 2014. A brilliant way to finish the candidates for Sergey Karjakin who stood 2nd. This particular game was 94 moves long, and Karjakin waited for the right moment to simplify the position and go on for the win. Can you find the winning line ?
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