Top chess players of last 25 years

Top chess players of last 25 years

Dec 31, 2014, 2:02 AM |

Following is my ranking of top chess players, who were strong in 1990 or later.

  1. Garry Kasparov
  2. Magnus Carlsen
  3. Anatoly Karpov
  4. Viswanathan Anand
  5. Vladimir Kramnik
  6. Veselin Topalov
  7. Levon Aronian
  8. Vassily Ivanchuk

I wanted to make list of top ten, but I was not able to judge best two among following players: Peter Leko, Nigel Short, Michael adams, Alexander Morozevich, Boris Gelfand, Alexei Shirov, Gata Kamsky, Peter Svidler, Judit Polgar, Alexander Grischuk, Fabiano Caruana, Sergey Karjakin, Hikaru Nakamura.

I also think that Caruana has potential to be in top 8, if he continue to perform good in coming years as he did in 2014.

Please share your thoughts and your list of top 8/10 players of this era.