Ain't No Party Like A..?

Sep 24, 2012, 6:36 AM |

-PewdiePie Party!

In case you have no clue who he is, "Pewdiepie" or Felix, is a swedish gamer who basically plays (majority) horror games because he knows no one has the guts or in their right mind to play it alone....... by themselves.

Basically this guy has gone viral early this year. No, no my dear friends, I am no poser. I have been watching this guys since he played minecraft and COD/MW3 {In which both were also my favorite games}. 

I seriously love this guy. He's hillarious and is worth taking a look at. If you're not a fan of horror games, that's fine too! Pewdie on occasion plays indie games like "To the Moon" and "Just Dance" for the Wii. 

I suggest you brace yourself in watching "To the Moon" if you're over-emotional. I had two friends crying on the floor, while watching those playthroughs. I'm not kidding.

If you're already a bro then... BROFIST! Kudos to you man.

...and for the newcomers and soon-to-be-bros check out the video I posted below! 

Laters, Arielyn ;D