Not what you call "Normal"..

Oct 24, 2012, 4:13 AM |

WARNING: This blog contains gruesome imagry, extremely vivid descriptionry, and the usage of epicness.

That was a lame introduction. I apologize.

I also am extremely sorry for not posting much... Not that anyone reads these things anyway. Though, for the ones who do read these and enjoy them, I thank you.

My blog posts, and a few others that I have stumbled upon, are not the normal chess-based posts you see everyday. I like to fill mine with the basic thoughts and things I come up with during the day and spread it like a disease to all of you at nightfall. I sound like some psychopath mad-scientist... but I have to admit, half of my topics are somewhat hilariously stupid. 

So, with the topic being "unnormal", I have to state that: I, myself, am not normal. Well of course, being a girl gamer isn't exactly "unnormal", considering there are TONS of girl gamers out there. Neither is being a total LOTR / WoW geek, or a StarWars nerd, or a COD / Halo / Diablo / FF / RE fanatic... Okay, as of now, I have said too much.

I'm sorry, but the memes are just SO addicting. One does not simply resist the opportunity to post a meme. Yes, I think I just stated the pre-previous sentence just to make the previous sentence into a meme... #Likeaboss.

I'm also 101% sure I'm not the only chick out there that is proud to claim that she listens to Post-Hardcore / ElectroHouse / Dubstep / Metalcore, no matter how much hate the genre gets.... 


Wait for it....

Wait for ittt...

Yup, no meme. I'm probably sure you are all fed up with them by now. Haha. 


So with all that being said. Everything is basically  normal. EPIC. FAIL.

Just kidding, the ironic idea was intentional. :)