Oh, the Irony...

Aug 11, 2012, 9:41 AM |

...of this statement not being irony at all or even close to it.

So, my non-existent readers, salutations! I honestly have no idea why I am writing this either. Yet, you deliberately choose to read on... correct?

Might as well explain the existence of this sorry excuse of a "blog". Alright, so as I was exploring the many holes and caves of this site that my best friend plays on (ahem ahem...and also made an account for me), it just so happened that it was time to click the "blog" button. Thus, we end up here: a deep black hole of my thoughts and psychotic imagination.

Okay. I exaggerated on "psychotic", "crazy-random-out-of-this-world" suits it better.

-Looks to the "posting tips"-

"Insert chess diagrams, problems, or games"

May I also add, and I absolutely regret admitting this, but I am an absolute n00b at chess. Get the n00b-iest kid on this planet and make me his/her opponent. Yeah, I'll lose to even THAT kind of individual.

If you know me or even seen me while I'm gaming... You know that I never lose... or I do lose, but only if I'm in a team battle/co-op (but has the highest score) or I am abruptly interrupted by something more urgent than my game. I shan't need to explain any further.

...and with that blurb, I will not waste your precious time any further.

"I don't know what I'm doing, it's kinda cool though." -Destrey Moore