Opening Principals

Jun 6, 2015, 10:36 PM |

Everything you need to know: The Opening!

Question: When are we in the opening?

Answer: When the rooks are connected


Definition: Improving position by expanding it

Speed: Do it as quickly as possible

-        Implication: Never move a piece twice before move 10!

o   Note: Even pawns. Don’t move pieces twice.

o   Why? If you move a piece twice, your opponent will get further ahead in their development.

-        Time: Get the king castled before move 10

Order: Bring out minor pieces first

-        Implication: Do not bring out your queen before the minor pieces are out.

Direction: Develop pieces towards the center.

-        Why? Because every piece controls more space in the center of the board

Ideal development:

Transition to middle game

1)      Develop with a purpose

a.      Capture center

b.      Defend center

c.      Attack center

d.      Attack supporter of defender of center

2)      Watch out for threats

a.      Beware of opponents threats regardless of any guiding principles you might have

3)      Connect your rooks


a.      Why? Because they protect each other, and it means you have followed all the other principals.