My own chess positional understanding

Jan 3, 2017, 9:40 AM |

Let us consider initial position of chess pieces ( by initial i mean none pieces have moved yet from there place)








If we closely look at the initial position of white pieces, we can conclude the following

  • if on very first move pawn is not allowed to move for white then white have only one option of moving a piece i.e. knight.
  • that means freedom of our pieces depends on our pawn freedom.
  • If somehow pawns freedom is taken away than automaticaly white/black pieces activity will reduce significantly.
  • in a nutshell i want to say that we must strive for our pawns mobility and take away the mobility of opponents pawns.

Let me illustrate my point by an small example

This is my small attempt to introduce some positional understanding to members of chess here.

if you like it then i will extent my topic to more deep explanation of further moves or i can make some videos for you guys.

Thnank you very much.