Exploding in Time Pressure

Dec 15, 2014, 10:33 AM |

We've all done it - even though some of us weren't foolish enough to broadcast it on a chess.com blog.  I completely melted down in time pressure in a very much won game.  It's good to analyze these types of things, but not for the sake of the moves.  The analysis to be done is psychological.  What set of circumstances caused this reaction, and what can be done in the future to improve those circumstances.

Here we go:


So the question for analysis is: what caused me to play RxR and how can I avoid this mental breakdown in the future.  The move was based on my analysis that "I could not save the piece," which was a false assumption.  I spent a very brief time making this assumption and then the rest of the 40 seconds I spent on the move trying to do damage control (which takes longer).

I think the answer to this is to not make this quick and incorrect assumption with 3 minutes left.  I should have been able to afford 10-20 seconds to see that it was a simple trade of pieces after RxB.  I will do my best to get into time pressure in the near future and see if I can "sit on my hands."

Till then.