Anand - Carlsen on the ChessTrainer App!

IM hellokostya
Feb 5, 2014, 10:03 AM |

I'm writing this post to offer attention to an instructional chess app currently on the market, called ChessTrainer. This app is currently available for free download on the iPhone and offers various lessons on a variety of chess topics (basic strategy, openings, middlegames, etc.), as well as a number of puzzles to train your tactical vision. Intuitively, the app itself is free for download but each user must purchase each lesson pack individually.

The reason I'm plugging ChessTrainer is because a lesson I've written has just been released, and the topic is the recent World Championship Match between Carlsen and Anand. The lesson covers all 10 games in detail and with lots of prose, as well as some external information about the match to give readers a feeling as though they watched each game live (and I know many of you actually did watch it live, so this app will give you a chance to relive your memories of the match!)

 Once you download the app you can purchase the course for $2.99, but for today only (Feb 5) the lesson pack will be available for $1.99.

As far as value goes, I do believe the ChessTrainer app is worth a try for those looking to have accessibility to constructive chess lessons on their iPhones & iPads.

The first chapter (intro + game 1) of the lesson can be found for free preview at this link:

I hope you all at least check out the free preview above and consider trying out the ChessTrainer app!

Best wishes,