Positional Sacrifices - Volume 1: Pawns - New Online Course!

Positional Sacrifices - Volume 1: Pawns - New Online Course!

IM hellokostya

Hi folks, I've just released the first lesson of my new (!) course for Chess University, Positional Sacrifices - Volume 1: Pawns on YouTube (video below).

In this course I explore the vast topic of positional pawn sacrifices, where one side sacrifices a pawn (or two) in exchange for certain strategic advantages, such as: control of key squares, files and diagonals, the restriction of enemy pieces, damaging the opponent’s structure, and more.

The course has been divided by theme, with multiple videos per chapter. Included with each chapter are additional annotated games featuring key concepts in action, as well as several exercises for solving. Check out the first lesson here, on historic examples of positional pawn sacrifices:


Table of Contents:


Classic Examples

Part 1 – Historic Games

Part 2 – Kasparov

Chapter 1 – Creating an Outpost

Part 1 – The d4-d5 break

Part 2 – The e4-e5 break

Part 3 – Unique Examples

Chapter 2 – Opening Lines

Part 1 – Files

Part 2 – Diagonals

Chapter 3 – Color Complex

Part 1 – Active Blockade

Part 2 – Defensive Blockade

Part 3 – Exchanging Key Bishop

Chapter 4 – Domination

Part 1 – Restricting Enemy Pieces

Part 2 – Space Advantage

Chapter 5 – Destroying Enemy Pawn Structure

Part 1 – The e5-e6 break

Part 2 – Unique Examples

Chapter 6 – Opening Sacrifices

Part 1 – Theoretical Pawn Sacrifices

Part 2 – Thematic Middlegame Sacrifices

Modern Examples & Conclusion

Full details on the course can be found here. Hope you enjoyed the first lesson, let me know what you think! - Kostya