PRO Chess League - Week 4 Preview: California Showdown

PRO Chess League - Week 4 Preview: California Showdown

IM hellokostya
Feb 1, 2017, 2:51 AM |

If there's one thing Californians can agree on, it's that the Golden State is the best place in the world to live in, hands down. Warm weather, beaches, Silicon Valley, avocados, wine, In N' Out Burger, Hollywood and the list goes on and on and on. But within California a civil war continues to brew, and the question remains: which side of California is superior, North or South?

Well the battle will be decided today at 6:45 PM Pacific, as the San Jose Hackers (2-1) will take on the undefeated San Diego Surfers (3-0) in a pivotal match-up in the Pacific Division of the PRO Chess League. Here are this week's lineups:

San Jose Hackers San Diego Surfers
GM Rauf Mamedov GM Melikset Khachiyan
GM Zviad Izoria IM Keaton Kiewra
IM-elect Kostya Kavutskiy IM Michael Brown
NM Faik Aleskerov IM Joshua Sheng

For Rounds 3 & 4, San Diego will be substituting in FM Craig Hilby on Board 4, who made the following meme during some friendly trash talk that occurred on Facebook:

San Jose will surely be looking to bounce back after our close loss last week to Rio Grande. Make sure to tune in to watch the match live, featuring commentary by the so-called "King of the North", GM Cristian Chirila, who will be streaming the match on his Twitch Channel! What are your predictions for today's epic showdown?

The San Jose Hackers are a professional chess team in the Pacific Division of the PRO Chess League, sponsored by Bay Area Chess. To connect with the Hackers, please visit our FacebookTwitter, and Official Site.